Hey, I'm Alex. I make interactive things. And companies.

I suppose companies are technically interactive things, too.


From 2010-2018, I founded and ran Owlchemy Labs. We built VR, PC, and Mobile games. Owlchemy Labs was acquired by Google in 2017!

In 2019, I founded a new VR/AR venture called absurd:joy!

Here's a selection of the titles I've worked on over the years:



Job Simulator

The game I'm most proud of. You can throw a stapler at your boss. Nuff said. Became the de-facto VR title for HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, and PlayStation VR. Contributed to design / production / vision / BD. Secured project funding from multiple partners and negotiated deal to get the game packed in the box with the Vive.


Rick and Morty: VR

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality was the result of meeting Justin Roiland, eating delivery indian food at his house, and pitching him on the idea of combining Job Simulator with the R&M IP. Led the deal, assisted with production, hiring, vision, and contributed some jokes.



A branching narrative mixed with an old-school adventure game mixed with a healthy dose of absurdity.



The first VR game sold on Steam not made by Valve! A classic 'skydiving' game that was super popular back in the Oculus DK1 / DK2 days. Remember, you have to scream the name and hold the 'a', otherwise it's trademark infringement.


Jack Lumber

Jack Lumber has my favorite high concept for a title of all the games I've built-- "A tree killed your grandma and you're out to get revenge on the forest". Released back in the day for iOS/Android/Mac/PC/Linux. We went to the world lumberjack championships to market the game, which resulted in my proudest video production of all time.


Snuggle Truck

The first game I built under the Owlchemy Labs label. It originally was a satire about how hard it is to get a visa in the USA, but an App Store rejection led to a tongue-in-cheek re-branding as a cuddly kids game. This title made us 6 figures over the years via ads after a lucrative FreeAppADay feature. Fancy that.